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Established in 1864

Our unique friendly family-run business has been involved in market gardening in Murton since our great grandfather’s day 150 years ago, a time when Murton was the ‘garden of Swansea’ and when there were many market gardeners in the area.

We are now the last, still serving the community with our produce, our quality and heritage. We have met many challenges along the ways and have endured the evolution of tractors and machinery. Our variety of produce has increased to suit modern day trends whilst retaining traditional methods. Our growing year begins in

February with the seeding of bedding plants and flowers. Later in the Spring our greenhouse is abloom with an array of vividly coloured flowers and beautiful bedding plants. At the same time the cauliflower, cabbage and leek plants are grown from seedlings and transplanted to the fields.

Our soft fruit season begins in early Summer, starting with strawberries, raspberries and cherries. Many different crops are produced throughout the year, including runner beans, broad beans, pumpkins, broccoli, beetroot, squash and outdoor flowers all on sale in the farm shop.